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SEA-RC ( Seattle R/C & Remote Control )

We enjoy Designing, Engineering and Building New Unique things for our own use and to Benefit the Global RC Community..

Also getting together for learning from each other about all the different aspects of R/C, Tutoring newcomers to the Hobby, and of course having FUN

This includes (but not limited to):

Helicopters, Multi-Copters (Quad & Tri copters etc), Planes, Gliders, Blimps, Boats, Cars, Trucks, Tanks, Submarines, Rockets, Robotics, Puppets, Toys.

Areas of Interest:

Radio Tx/Rx Systems, Power Systems, Telemetry, Ground Control / Support / Tracking Systems, Flight / Motion Controllers, Gimbals, Night Lighting, Automation, FPV, Photography, Videos, and more...

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